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The Floating Kitchen 901

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            The Floating Kitchen 901 presented by Couture Cares is a virtual cooking class . Both food insecurity and obesity may be consequences of low income and the resulting lack of access to enough nutritious food. More specifically, obesity among low-income people occurs in part because they are subject to the same, often challenging, cultural changes as other Americans (e.g., more sedentary lifestyles, increased portion sizes). In addition, they face unique challenges in adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors. The purpose of Couture Cares creating The Floating Kitchen 901 is to positively change our community and the lives of youth regardless of race, color or religion. The Floating Kitchen 901 goal is to take the stress off of parents.


When available, healthy food may be more expensive and has an increased potential for waste (for perishable items). Whereas, refined grains, added sugars, and fats are generally inexpensive, palatable, and readily available in low-income communities. The pandemic has ushered Couture Cares to bring cooking education into kitchens in homes where the impact is even greater. Through Kids Cooking at Home, virtual connections are made straight from students’ kitchen countertop to ours and we are thrilled at the possibility of a bigger impact. If your kids love to cook, The Floating Kitchen 901 online cooking classes can be a great way for your kids to learn new skills and recipes. See you soon!

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